A doctor examining a patient

Due to the drastic decline in the quality of food and the soil it is grown in over the past 70 years, our nation is dealing with an enormous number of sick people who are dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. These contribute to many nutritional deficiencies, organ failure and chronic illnesses. Some other factors contributing to this decline in overall health are toxic chemicals in our environment : PCB’s, artificial sugars, dyes, chemicals, hormones, antibiotic use and heavy metals such as asbestos, lead, and mercury. These factors, combined with stressful and increased sedentary lifestyles contribute to the poor quality of health we are seeing more and more, even in our children.

You may feel you are eating well, and have no major symptoms. But symptoms appear AFTER the disease process has started.  Many people choose to exercise, diet and take some vitamins to be “healthier”.  But what if you could know for sure what your body needed, what really was causing the problem and how to resolve it based on your individual needs? Nutrition Response Testing is “designed clinical nutrition” and offers just that – an individualized nutritional plan based on whole food supplementation, organically grown and prepared in such a way that preserves their vital enzymes and vitamins.  In this way, your body can heal itself – just like Nature intended.

NRT is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying cause(s)of your sub-optimal health condition. In this analysis , we test theneurological reflexesto tell us how your nervous system is doing- as the nervous system regulates all functions in the body. The testing includes organs, joints, muscles, etc.

If you have one or more health condition that isn’t resolving, or you have visited doctors but the results were not what you hoped or expected, or your health condition is affecting your life – family, career and/or personal finances, etc. , then Nutrition Response Testing may be the answer for you.