“BoStrong was one of the very few things that was consistent during my cancer treatment outside of doctors appointments and blood draws. BoStrong was always connected with the Ulman Foundation to provide fun music nights where we as patients could sing, play and relax. They would also come to the house and cook healthy, delicious dinners for the patients. This was a big one for our family because each dinner gave the patients and caregivers an opportunity to connect and socialize. My family and I are forever grateful for BoStrong and their impact on cancer families.”

William Yank
A watercolor of a mom and daughter embracing eachother

“I began staying at the Ulman house in February of 2019 while I was receiving treatment at Johns Hopkins for Ewings Sarcoma. My treatment plan required me to stay at the house for weeks at a time and I quickly started to look forward to Wednesday music nights with Kathy and Buddy in the music room. The BoStrong foundation provided a weekly escape from the reality of my situation. Wednesday nights were a great family dinner followed by a jam session. I was fortunate enough to become good friends with the other patients staying at Ulman as well as develop a bond with Kathy and Buddy. The BoStrong Foundation provided us with a space to talk about anything from the things we were struggling with to our favorite ice cream. I am truly grateful for the positive impact the BoStrong Foundation had during such a strenuous time in my life.”

Maria Vest