Kathy Oliver


Kathy Oliver is the president of the BoStrong Foundation. She is also a lifetime member of an organization of which no one should ever be a part of. She is a mother who has lost a child. Bo was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in 2012 at the age of 15. He fought with courage, faith, and a never-ending sense of humor. He was a talented musician like his father Buddy, so their home was always full of music. Kathy wants to share this healing gift of music with all those being affected by cancer: patients, family, and friends alike.

Buddy Oliver

Vice President

Buddy is the Vice President of the BoStrong Foundation. He is the father of two amazing children, Rachel and Bo. Buddy has been a musician since he was in 3rd grade. He was a music major in college and has been playing ever since. By the time Bo was just 18 he had already eclipsed Buddy in his playing. He was an incredible talent and could communicate musically on a very deep level. That base understanding of the power of music coupled with the miraculous healing power of holistic treatments, which the Oliver family witnessed firsthand with Bo, makes the BoStrong Foundation the inevitable next step. They hope to be able to help young adults and their families have the confidence to embrace holistic medicine very early in their journey and hope to facilitate the healing power of music in the lives of those who need it most.

Rachel Oliver


Rachel Oliver is the Secretary of the BoStrong Foundation. Her brother, Bo, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2012. He fought a long battle and sadly lost it on June 1, 2016. She believes, from watching her brother, that music is truly the best medicine and holistic medicine was the best choice the family made in his treatment. Her goal in this foundation is to help educate other families on the other choices they have with different treatments.

Keith Walls

Board Member

Keith Walls is a board member of the BoStrong Foundation. Keith Walls is engaged to Rachel Oliver, the sister of Bo. Keith never got the opportunity to meet Bo but he feels like he knows him from the endless amazing stories his family has told. The passion the Oliver family has shown to help others really touched Keith and he wanted to help in any capacity he could. He appreciates the mission of fully informing people of their various options when battling with cancer and has learned so much about holistic practices. He works to assist with connections between BoStrong and institutions of higher education.

Jim Mitchell

Board Member

Jim Mitchell is a board member of the BoStrong Foundation. He is in a unique situation as he never met Bo, but he doesn’t believe that matters.  He met Kathy Oliver on a week-long bike ride to raise money for another local cancer support organization and after hearing her story and seeing how committed she was to spreading Bo’s legacy; he couldn’t help but be moved to action. He feels like Buddy, and by extension Bo, and he are kindred spirits. Jim is also a musician and a cancer survivor. Bo believed that music did more for healing than chemo ever did. Jim knows it did for him as well. Jim was supporting cancer charities long before he was diagnosed, so the fact that he can give back even now in his remission is a blessing to himself as he hopes and prays it is for those the foundation supports.

Bill Moran

Board Member

Bill Moran is a board member of the BoStrong Foundation. Bill married his high school sweetheart Barbara in 1985 and they were blessed with three amazing children. Bill is an entrepreneur at heart and has served in leadership positions at several organizations in the electronic security industry. In 2019, Bill met the Oliver’s while he was on his own journey with cancer in a treatment program at Johns Hopkins. Bill is no stranger to holistic medicine and alternative therapies, as Barbara operates a successful independent holistic practice. Bill was fortunate enough to have access to the best of what traditional medicine and alternative care had to offer. He believes that the holistic treatments and program that were created for him played a major role in his survivorship. Bill is passionate about holistic therapies, but his real love is music. Bill’s love for music and the guitar started at an early age and music has been an outlet for him. He believes that music is strong medicine and turned to song writing as therapy. Bill continues to write his own songs and enjoys making music with his bandmates which has now become part of his rehabilitation.

“What is at the heart of Bo Strong, has been at the heart of this journey for me and I’m excited to be here.”

Dolores Rockstroh

Board Member

Dolores Rockstroh is a board member of the BoStrong Foundation. She was introduced to the Oliver family in 2013 through her son Bradley. Dolores has been an active volunteer/participant for charities and non-profit organizations through work and church for her entire life. Dolores joined the BoStrong Foundation as part of the Advisory Board in 2021 before becoming a member of the Board. She is inspired to help others and has a strong compassion for family which connects her to the BoStrong Foundation. 

John Rockstroh

Board Member

John Rockstroh is a board member of the BoStrong Foundation. Like his wife Dolores, he was introduced to the Oliver family in 2013 through their son Bradley. John joined the BoStrong Foundation as part of the Advisory Board in 2021 before becoming a member of the Board. He has always had a desire to help others and believes that is part of his mission in life. John does see the advantages of holistic medicine, namely acupuncture and massage therapy, as he has dealt with back problems for over 20 years.