The First Live Performance in the BoStrong Music Room featuring Victoria Canal


On April 1, 2019 Victoria Canal dropped by the BoStrong Music Room for an impromptu concert for the residents of the Ulman House. Victoria was on her way through Balitmore where she was performing at the Metro Gallery. She did more than play beautiful music in the room, however. She took the time to connect with a couple young women who had a lot on their plate. She gave them a chance to unwind and see someone who has overcome adversity and excelled in the face of impossible odds.

Music Connects, Music Speaks the Unspoken, Music Heals.

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)

You may feel you are eating well, and have no major symptoms. But symptoms appear AFTER the disease process has started.  Many people choose to exercise, diet and take some vitamins to be “healthier”.  But what if you could know for sure what your body needed, what really was causing the problem and how to resolve it based on your individual needs?